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Water Garden Resort and Spa is set in the backdrop of lush green paddy fields which gets inundated with natural flooding during the monsoon. The open space covering hundreds of acres of completely open agricultural land changes color and look with change of seasons. With changing seasons, the resort provides numerous interesting activities within and in its surrounding areas, which will certainly remain in the minds of the visiting guests for a long time.

During February-May, the field is lush green with borro paddy fields covering the whole landscape of hundreds of acres of open cropped land—providing a true picture of traditional rural Bangladesh.

June-September/October, the whole area goes under deep monsoon water and new vegetation grows giving a completely different look. In particular, all over the vast agricultural farm land– expanding over hundreds of acres–gets covered with water lilies—the national flower of Bangladesh. The water lilies bloom in millions and in different colors providing a spectacular scene and true colors of Bangladesh.

Riding a country boat, you can slide across the whole water body of hundreds of acres, observe the crystal clear water with active fresh water life (fishes, snails and other living beings), collect water-lilies which bloom every morning in millions, and enjoy the naturally grown water vegetation (including morning glories or kalmi lata and other types of naturally grown edible plants).

Most people do not realize that there is so much natural beauty in the seasonal (monsoon) water bodies in Bangladesh, unless they experience the whole phenomenon with a boat ride in the morning.

Water Garden Resort & Spa, is located in the middle of lush green tall trees, numerous water bodies with colorful and exotic plantations within and surrounding the water bodies, wooded areas with wide range of plants—indigenous and collected from abroad–planted over time, bamboos in terms of colors and shapes (yellow/golden, black, green, tall, short, creeping/climbing) not to be found in any other place,   range of plants bearing fruits and flowers, the varieties of water plants collected from different corners of Bangladesh and the outside world including Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Middle-East, and the USA.

The near-by river is locally called “Jhinuk” river which in English means “oyster”. In national geography, the river is also referred to as Bangshai River. The river passes through the village Dapnajore within a few minutes’ walk from the resort. The Jhinuk River is an off-shoot of the mighty river Jamuna, cuts across a vast area of Tangail district and merges with the other branch of Jamuna called Dhalesshowry which marges with Shitta Lakhaya before Narayanganj.

The river is strong and powerful during the rainy season, but reduces to a gentle slow flowing water body during the winter/dry season. Even in the dry season the river is navigable with country boats and small engine powered boats or speed boats, providing an unique opportunity to navigate through the river all seasons and explore its beautiful rural surroundings by speed and country boats.

There will be a boating station within 7-10 minute walk from the Water Garden. Long cruises may be arranged during the rainy season going all the way up to the Jamuna river and return. Otherwise short boat or speedboat trips for different durations may also be arranged that suit the interests of the guests and corporate clients.

Luxury Accommodations

Experience one of Bangladesh’s most desirable and beautiful destinations. Explore your options below and discover your new home away from home in paradise.

A Place Like No Other

Adventure and luxury living set within the beauty of Bangladesh. This is not your average place… imagine tailor-made refinement and leisure under a canopy of trees, surrounded by breathtaking views and unforgettable hospitality.

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To visit our resort you will need to fly into Dhaka, Bangladesh. We can arrange transportation anywhere within country whether you want to fly or use ground transportation. We’d be happy to assist with any arrangements to make your stay as easy and enjoyable as possible!

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